Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Catholic archbishop who excommunicated people who helped a 9-year-old rape victim get an abortion is even worse than I realized.

I posted yesterday about a 9-year-old girl in Brazil who had an abortion after being impregnanted through rape. The adults who helped her get the abortion were excommunicated from the Catholic Church by a regional archbishop, and that decision was approved by the Vatican.

I just found out one extra tidbit that makes this archbishop even more appalling. The rapist was the girl's stepfather, and the archbishop specifically refrained from excommunicating the stepfather. The archbishop tells us that the rape of the 9-year-old girl was not as bad as the abortion.

(Thanks to Obsidian Wings for pointing this out.)

I'll keep this case in mind when I hear people pontificate about the magnificent "moral code" provided by religion.


Zachary Paul Sire said...

What's even more depressing about this story is that it's totally not surprising. Ugh.