Monday, June 28, 2010

Is this the grim future of the declining news media?

Inexplicably dull Politico articles about random details in the lives of congressional staffers?

(Via Matthew Yglesias, who calls it "[t]he most pointless article ever written.")

It's too uninteresting to be a human-interest story, but it's not ridiculous enough to be a joke. It's not even boring enough to be deadpan comedy in the vein of I Went to College and It Was OK.

I'll copy one of the comments on the Politico article here, since Politico requires free registration to view the comments for some reason:

Last night, I made a chorizo chili with some peppers and beans and spices and boy was it good. I didn't prepare rice along with it though I plan to do so as I eat the leftovers, both because it thickens the chili and is more economical since the leftovers will last longer.

Didn't feel like cooking this afternoon so I just heated up some vegetarian spring rolls--nothing too exciting but they are pretty good.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of throwing together a salad with cucumbers, carrots, tom....Oh, I'm sorry, are you bored out of your mind? Now you know how the rest of us felt reading this nonsense.