Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mitt Romney's plan for 2016

Dave Weigel reports:

[Romney] sketched out the basic outlines of a potential campaign, saying the nation would be focused on a post-Obama era and taking a swipe at the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination by saying, “The results of the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama foreign policy have been devastating," he said, adding that "terrorism is not on the run."

Sounding every bit like a candidate, Romney said the party needed to be focused in 2016 on three things: Making the world safer; ensuring that all Americans have an equal chance at opportunity; and lifting the poor out of poverty.
So his plan is to flip-flop on whether he's concerned about the poor.

Weigel dryly adds:
Whether Romney is the best messenger for those points remains unclear. Some Republicans declined to put their skepticism on the record after the speech.