Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yes bassist Chris Squire has died at age 67.

Chris Squire founded Yes with singer Jon Anderson in the late '60s. He died of leukemia today.

Squire was the only member to appear on all 21 Yes albums, from 1969 to 2014.

Wikipedia says:

He was widely regarded as the dominant bass guitarist among the early seventies British progressive rock bands, influencing peers and later generations of bassists with his incisive sound and elaborately contoured, melodic bass lines.
Here's a live performance of "Roundabout," from their classic 1971 album Fragile.

You can more clearly see Squire's instrumental prowess in this 2003 performance of "Heart of the Sunrise," from the same album:

A fan comments on the band's Facebook page:
Sick to my stomach. I ordered a signed copy of the "Fish out of Water" CD [Squire's only solo album] and when it was held up due to a postal strike in the UK he personally called me on my cell phone to apologize. That's the man Chris Squire was.