Thursday, April 17, 2008

Journal vignettes

Since I'm still in the going-through-old-journal-entries phase of getting this blog started, here are a couple vignettes from old Moleskines:

1. In a cafe in Madison --  Mom’s side of phone conversation with Chris:

I’m at a cafe. But I don’t have any coffee. I have water. I ordered … water. In a bottle that they shipped here all the way from Italy. Do you think that was worth doing?

2. In a cafe/restaurant in Austin --

I just got a free miniature apple. Thanks for brightening my day, waitress!

She told me it was only worth 20 cents, and you can't sell something for 20 cents. Maybe this is a message to seek out the little things ... you know, those ones.



Ann Althouse said...

They need to ship that apple half way around the world so they can charge $2 for it.

John Althouse Cohen said...

Or get a $7+ Red Delicious from this proposed urban oasis. ("Plus $5 for the novelty, plus $2 for its being organic?")

(Updated link. Comment originally posted 4/18/2008.)