Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Metablog: brief quasi-hiatus

I'm going to take sort of a late-July-to-mid-August break as I go on a little vacation, move to my new home, get settled there, etc.

But as the heading says, it's just a quasi-hiatus. I'll still be posting, but it'll be more along the lines of a quick "Here's a good article or blog post" -- which, for various reasons, I usually avoid.

This might even lead to a new method for this blog: quickly get the posts up just to say, "Hey, look at this thing someone said," then do another post at some point in the future once I have time to add my own take on it. So far I've been operating on the rule that I don't post at all unless I have both of those components at once, which tends to make for longer, less frequent, and less timely posts.

And I'll still be counting down the grunge top 40.

So, keep checking in, but for the next few weeks, don't expect the lengthy, brilliant analyses you've come to expect here on the Jac blog. 

Walking around Marrakech

(Street photo in Marrakech, Morocco by me.)


Ann Althouse said...

The photo suggests another way to keep the blog alive. Put up a photo!