Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Harper's on Obama: "What Went Wrong"?

I can only read the first paragraph of this article since I don't subscribe to Harper's, but I'd just like to say that this sentence captures something I've often thought about Obama, which has seemed so glaringly obvious to me that I've wondered if I'm crazy or everyone else is missing this or not willing to say it:

He has spoken more words, perhaps, than any other president; but to an unusual extent, his words and actions float free of each other.


Unknown said...

I read the article (but i am not a Harper's subscriber, and i don't feel like paying the $46 to gain access to online archive), - having said that i am likely to return to the magazine rack and buy my own copy. Bromwich totally nailed it, calling Obama's tenure 'a huge wasted opportunity'. Which i firmly believe is correct. ThankYOU.