Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bill Maher on Donald Trump

Maher says (click the link for video):

This says so much about the electorate. Even the evangelicals want to be called on their shit. They are desperate to have somebody lead them — somebody to say: "You know what? I just don't bend to your bullshit." And Donald Trump — I gotta say, I don't agree with him on a lot — but I kind of get him. We've kind of been doing the same thing.
That's a pretty insightful summary of why Trump has been appealing to so many Americans. But I think they're missing something.

Trump seems to love nothing more than to position himself in opposition to the mainstream.

Everyone knows you're supposed to say McCain's a war hero — so Trump says: No, he's not, he was just captured.

Everyone knows you're supposed to say illegal immigrants are good people who are trying to make a better life for their family — so Trump says: No, Mexico isn't sending its best people, Mexico is sending criminals.

If you consistently do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, you can't be accused of being a conformist, but in a way, you're equally suggestible; you just bend in the opposite direction.