Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What people have said about this blog

Just for fun, here's a selection of responses this blog has gotten in the two years since I started it (comments without links are from either emails or defunct links):

"I learn at least one thing new every time I visit."

"My goodness. A tremendous, very well written, passionate post. . . . I'm glad I was able to read it. Wow."

"Of those live-blogs I read, this is one of the more thoughtful, eclectic, real-time following of last night’s debate."

"What a nice piece of Live-blogging, thank you very much . . . I appreciate your acute comments, being overseas and too tired to stay awake to watch, I have a very sensible idea of what went on last night."

"John's post about gender rules and the disadvantages of being a man prompted me to stay up wayyyyyy too late last night reading and thinking about the topic . . ."

“I got to number three or four or five and ended up wandering off into random spaces in history, fixing Wikipedia articles (with minutes old knowledge) and having a blast. Thanks! This is what the internet is for.”

“Hey, that blog you linked to is great. The series on grunge was fantastic.”

"What this is about is nothing more than self-centered, me-first, half-assed, infantile analysis."

“I love you for writing this post. It was so thoughtful and thought provoking and perhaps you have just touched the tip of the iceberg.”

"John Althouse Cohen says, better than I ever could, why Tim Russert was so important and why he will be so missed."

"Kind of long-winded and waffley."

“A fascinating argument”

"As always, love your stuff."

"Just wanted to let you know that I explored your posts, and your links.... Please keep up the great work."

“Cohen’s posts are well written, thoughtful, and provocative. Highly recommended.”

"John, your premise has all the makings of a serious book on the topic, not some jumped-up Dr. Phil exploration, and I wish you luck should you delve further into it."

"John, whose list of the best songs of the 2000s is probably better than mine . . ."

"How fortunate that my favorite blogger should also turn out to be my son! And how fortunate that even if I didn’t know John, I’d respect and admire his rigorous intellect and forceful prose."

"Your son's Blog is very well done. He has a sensitivity to the limits of men knowing Truth together with a courage to push those limits in many areas."

"JAC’s comment is hardly unique on the left and it is a categorical, dictionary definition of racist."

"Lovely little bittersweet blogposting from him."

"I can relate to your post, & found it very touching. & I'm not easily moved"

"The blog entry strikes me as one of those things someone writes in the heat of a sentimental moment."

"What a beautiful post."

"I thought that was a lovely, poignant post and remarkably insightful for someone who's commenting upon his own [ex-]relationship."

"JAC's comments sound like the usual half-truth ramblings of the clueless beta male."

“John Althouse Cohen is awesome. (And not just because he quoted me! His whole blog is great.)”

"Son of prominent blogger Ann Althouse – runs a pretty damn good blog, himself..."

"It's written by Althouse's son, which should be reason enough to check it out, but the guy is a good thinker, and a good writer, on his own account. JAC and I don't agree (he will be voting for Obama), but from what I've read of his blog, he's a sane voice, as I hope to be. He doesn't write exclusively about politics, but a good and necessary part of politics writing (for me at least) is a reminder that the other side of the aisle contains real people too."

"Who the ---- is Ann Althouse's son and why the hell do I give a ---- what he thinks?"

"Hey there, this is my first time here, and let me say what a thoughtful and well written article that was. Outstanding! . . . You are a brave person, perhaps braver than you realized, and I wish you well on your journey."

"John Althouse Cohen puts in another application to Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations . . . ."

"Thanks for your thoughtful and enjoyable post. Now I'd like to see the movie . . . "

"I've long been bemused by how easily impressed people are by brain scans. That every state of mind is paired with something going on physically in the brain was known in principle long before anyone was able to capture pretty pictures of it. Excellent post, JAC."

"I hope that the people who translate feminism into just being a movement to protect women are a very small group. I can only speak for myself when I say that my idea of feminism is that it gives attention to the ways that gender defines us and the ways that society forms that gender translation. A wise professor once talked about the Marlboro man and how that man had never learned to express or communicate or be intimate. It was an eye-opener for me, and I was ever so thankful for it. This was a great piece to read and remind me how fragile we all are, how kindly we should look on one another and how different the world could be with just a bit more attention to the how's and why's of our actions."

"I want you to know that you have me thinking a LOT more about the role of young men in today's American society. . . . It was really your post and the corresponding links and commentary around the internet that now has me standing back and THINKING instead of REACTING to this topic. Thank you for that."

"I have tried to blog, but I so lack your focus and tenacity. You have done well, I would buy you a beer and toast you if I could. Carry on!"
And I will.

Thank you, all of you.

Well, almost all of you.


Jason (the commenter) said...

"Whenever you say something about him, he writes it down. It's kind of creepy."