Monday, April 12, 2010

The top 10 posts from year 2 of this blog

It was two years ago today that I wrote and published the first post on this blog.

As with the first blogiversary, here are 10 posts from year 2 of this blog that I find the most worth going back to:

1. 6 ways blogs are better than books

2. The 100 best songs of the decade

3. 17 online dating profile cliches that women should avoid

4. The 2 most overused chord progressions in pop music

5. The movie scene I think of every time I hear the "brilliant filmmaker" defense of Roman Polanski

6. Do women earn less money than men for equal work?

7. Abortion rights and quality of life

8. Robert Wright's self-contradictory attack on the "new atheists"

9. Kant's categorical imperative vs. the golden rule

10. "What are the simple concepts that have most helped you understand the world?"

Stay tuned for more blogiversary content throughout this week . . .


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Meade said...

Long may you blog!

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hi, John! Happy blogiversary, and thanks for the many provocative thoughts and questions you've put before us this year and the one before.