Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hollywood didn't always yield to dictatorships

How is it that Hollywood was willing to release this scathing satire of Hitler in 1940, in the middle of World War II and the Holocaust, yet we're not allowed to see The Interview for fear of North Korea in 2014? I thought we were supposed to be "the land of the free and the home of the brave". . .


Jim in St Louis said...

Full Disclosure- I hate Chaplin, over rated and over blown. Give me Keaton or Lloyd any day. And how brave was he really? Since that is the topic of your post. The brits had been at war with Hitler since 1938, and Chaplin was a brit. CC secured the production financing from Jewish movie studio execs, who wanted to make Hitler look bad- and what did they get? Preachy and long winded, ‘Clooneyesque” pompousness. Tedious dialoges that seem to have left out the jokes. Non-funny gd ballet dancer prancing around like a Kansas City faggot.

If you want to compare film art then you should look at a piece of film work done a whole year earlier. You Natzy Spy, You want actual jews making dirty Yiddish jokes about where hitler took it in the putch? You want mockery of that sadistic paperhanging SOB? Total and complete degrading low-brow humor? Pie in the face; shit in your pants; laugh-out loud humor? This short film delivers.

And you have something similar in The Interview- which no one knows but would seem (based on the starts previous work) to be pretty low brow indeed. If you want to mock dictators- go for the gutter, Sasha Baron Cohen type fart jokes. Now THAT is funny.