Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What's so insidious about Trump's "She's not my type" defense

By now, we're so used to Donald Trump making insulting public comments on a daily basis that it's easy to dismiss his "She's not type" response to E. Jean Carroll's allegation of sexual assault as just the latest one of those. The media gets multiple stories out of this when the person he insulted has a comeback, and so on. What else is new?

But it's worth stopping to consider just how bad this particular comment is, regardless of whether Trump is guilty or innocent. President Trump has had this kind of reaction to multiple women who've accused him of sexual assault. He knows what he's doing. He's sending an implicit message to victims: Don’t go public, or you’ll be subjected to scrutiny and ridicule about your physical appearance.

Even someone who denied allegations of sexual assault as vehemently as Justice Brett Kavanaugh didn't stoop to making personal or insulting remarks about Christine Blasey Ford.

There's a twisted logic that says you can brush off practically any allegations of sexual assault in one of two ways:

(1) “But look how unattractive she is! Why would he want to sexually assault her?”

(2) “But look how attractive she is! Why was she going around being so attractive if she didn’t want sex? Doesn't she know how men are?”


Ken B said...

Unconvincing. Remember his response to the golden shower story? He noted he was a notorious germophobe. In other words, the story is even more ridiculous than it seems. It's the same thing here. Maybe it’s a crap argument here but that doesn’t mean it’s a four dimensional chess play.