Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Thanksgiving turkey slaughter

My mom has a perfectly apt post about Palin giving an interview with slaughtering going on in the background. Here's the post in its entirety:

HuffPo is aghast that turkey-killing doesn't faze Sarah Palin.
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Deal with it, you candy-asses. If you eat meat, something like that is going on in the background for you too.

I followed her link to HuffingtonPost and noticed that the post has an amazing 4,000+ comments. And based on skimming through some of them, it looks like HuffPo's commenters are more intelligent than HuffPo's writers.

One good point from the comments section:
Newsflash: Farmers kill animals. Then they sell them. Grocery stores package them. Meat-eaters buy them and eat them. Apparently people in the Ivory Tower think meat just appears, much like manna from Heaven. This is odd, considering their general distaste for all things religious--especially Christian.

And here's one more (slightly edited):
You people don't understand Alaska.

If you've ever been there, it really is America's last frontier populated with rugged people.

Actually seeing the reality of the facts of life and death (whether human or animal) is NOT uncommon there as it is in the lower 48. I think this is mostly a good thing. Here in Brooklyn, there's lots of people who eat chicken every day, but have never seen a live chicken running around the yard. You just go buy it at the supermarket. Not good.

Sarah grew up in Alaska and is used to these things. I'll give her that. Alaskans probably laugh at the lower 48's squeamishness.


Eowyn said...

Speaking as an Alaskan-- yeah, we do laugh at Lower-48's squeamishness. Constantly. That story was the first political story to get more than a chuckle out of me in months. I can't think of a single Alaskan who would have found that gruesome (caveat: The warning that there's blood is entirely appropriate though-- even some Alaskan kids have yet to make the correlation between roosters and chicken nuggets). In fact, I think that a lot of Alaskans (myself included) would have thought it rude to interrupt the man. The poor guy is already putting up with umpteen dozen different forms of security, officials, red tape, background checks, etc., not to mention having his daily work interrupted during the busiest season of the year. Asking him to stop or moving your entire entourage to a different spot is not only disruptive, but could be seen as implying that his work wasn't fit to be seen in public.

You gotta love wusses, for entertainment value if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The point of this video was not to cower at the slaughter of an animal (I have seen my grandmother slaughter chickens firsthand, even though I am not from Alaska), but to depict the painful stupidity of Palin. She does not get it! The contraction of her pardoning a turkey and then her camera person (who may be more at fault here than her -- that wasn't the only way in which to tape Palin) taping her incoherent babble is painfully funny! If this is Palin going rogue, aka unfiltered with the media, then pass me the turkey. I would rather hear myself chew than listen to that dimwit babble!