Friday, December 19, 2008

Music Friday: Elvis Presley, Blue Christmas

This may be my favorite performance of a Christmas song by anyone (and I say this having just heard the Johnny Cash version playing in a mall):

I love the: "without you, uh-without you ..."

And the way his voice almost-but-not-quite cracks on the "all right"!

If you're doing some late Christmas shopping for someone who enjoys good music, I recommend the 3-DVD set of Elvis's "'68 Comeback Special," which includes this performance and hours more like it.

CHRISTMAS FLASHBACK: "The greatness of Elvis really came through...."


Ruth Anne Adams said...

So, JAC: The Beatles or Elvis?

John Althouse Cohen said...


But really, the Beatles.

It's not even a fair contest. The Beatles wrote their own music and were great innovators. Even the biggest Elvis fan wouldn't make those claims for him. Elvis's greatness was simply in doing a great job at something people were already doing and would have continued to do even if he hadn't existed. He didn't compel people to rethink their basic notion of what rock music is all about.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

And yet, Elvis influenced the Beatles.

John Lennon said,"If there hadn’t been Elvis, there would not have been The Beatles." When they formed the Quarry Men, they started doing Elvis’ songs, performed by John or Paul.

All great men stand on the shoulders of the great men who preceded them.