Friday, October 23, 2009

The 100 best songs of the first decade of the 2000s (80-71)

(Click here for the whole list.)

80. Amy Winehouse — "You Know I'm No Good"

79. Shout Out Louds — "Tonight I Have to Leave It"

The part where he says "Give love, give love…" is kind of like Queen's "Under Pressure" being played by the Cure.

78. Final Fantasy (later known as Owen Pallet) — "Song Song Song"

77. Uh Huh Her — "Not a Love Song"

76. Arcade Fire — "Wake Up"

David Bowie joins the band in this performance. A great melisma: the joyously drawn-out "adjuuuuuuust" (starting at 3:08 in the video).

75. Ms. John Soda — "Hands"

A song that sounds like optimism being built on an assembly line.

74. Iron & Wine — "On Your Wings"

73. Imogen Heap — "Headlock"

I had one semester in law school where I had no morning classes on most weekdays, so I had time to have breakfast at home, and I'd always play this, the first song on her great album Speak for Yourself, to get the day. So this song reminds me of making a bagel sandwich and coffee in my old apartment.

72. Locksley — "Don't Make Me Wait"

(Full disclosure, I know them from high school.)

71. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — "Zero"


Alkibiades said...

Glad to see Imogen Heap receive multiple nominations. I also used Speak For Yourself to energize before classes. I would substitute "The Moment I Said It" for "Headlock," though.