Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who's the loser after today's health-care ruling?

I don't know if today's decision upholding President Obama's health-care law was better for Obama or Mitt Romney. But there is a clear loser: almost every pundit in America.

Everyone who said the law should, or would, be held constitutional under the Commerce Clause was wrong. Everyone who said the law should, or would, be held unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause was also wrong. Almost no one got it right.

Ann Althouse (my mom) lists 3 ways that Obama is the real loser:

Romney has at least 3 big arguments:

1. Obama imposed a huge new tax on working people.

2. Obama deceived the American people by saying it was not a tax, when it was.

3. The law made it look like money would go to insurance companies — in the form of new premiums — that would keep premiums low as the companies were required to take on people with pre-existing conditions, but now we find out that the money is really going to go to the federal government.


Jason (the commenter) said...

Don't worry about Obama. The new spin is that Obamacare is an act of charity. Everyone is going to ignore whether it's a tax or not or if any jobs are created or if anything else said about it turns out to be true.

The Supreme Court may not protect us from the consequences of our political decisions, but we're expected to protect everyone else from the consequence of their economic ones.