Monday, December 2, 2019

The 100 Best Songs of the 2010s (91-100)

10 years ago, I listed the best songs of the decade, 2000 to 2009.

Now I'm doing it again: the best songs of the decade that's coming an end, 2010 to 2019.

(Click here for the whole list so far, with a Spotify playlist.)

The rules:

• I'm using the traditional definition of "song," meaning it has to be sung — no instrumentals.

• The song had to be released in 2010 or later. No covers of old songs.

All the usual caveats apply: that this kind of ranking is inevitably arbitrary, that the list is based on my opinions and tastes, etc. For instance, I'm not a big hip-hop fan, so don't expect to see that genre well-represented here (though my 2000-2009 list did include a hip-hop song at #22).

Check out some of these other song lists for different perspectives.

I'll roll out 10 songs per post, counting down from 100 to 1, and I should have the whole thing up before Christmas.

Here goes!

100. The Lumineers — "Ho Hey"

99. Jukebox the Ghost — "Jumpstarted"

Remind you of anyone?

98. CHVRCHES — "Never Ending Circles"

I like how it sounds like the singer's breath is incorporated into the instrumental backing.

97. Vampire Weekend — "Unbelievers"

96. David Byrne & St. Vincent — "Who"

A collaboration by two wonderfully weird musical geniuses.

95. Soundgarden — "Been Away for Too Long"

Full disclosure, this video stars my second cousin, Ariane Rinehart.

94. The National — "The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness"

The best song title of the decade?

93. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings — "I Learned the Hard Way"

Sharon Jones died in 2016, but her soul music lives on.

The song starts at 1:15 in this video.

92. Mumford & Sons — "I Will Wait"

91. The Zombies — "Chasing the Past"

It's still the time of the season for the Zombies.

81 - 90 —>


Omaha1 said...

Ooh Jukebox the Ghost sounds like Freddy Mercury. Nice voice!

The Zombies remind me a bit of Steely Dan.