Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The MSM's reaction to the iPad is out of step with my Facebook feed.

Nicholas Carr sums up the mainstream media's response to Steve Jobs's unveiling of the iPad today:

The rapturous reaction to Apple’s tablet -- the buildup to Jobs’s announcement blurred the line between media feeding-frenzy and orgiastic pagan ritual -- shows that our attitude to the tablet form has finally changed. Tablets suddenly look attractive.
Carr doesn't back this up with any examples, but let's assume he knows what he's talking about. If so, then the mainstream media is much more excited than my Facebook friends who reacted to the announcement. Here's a representative sampling of status updates:
The iPad? More like the iDon'tWannaBuyThisPad.

iDon't see the need for iPad.

but i already have a small macbook, and an iphone. dumb.



Jason (the commenter) said...

My Twitter feed had one person who was ecstatic about it, another who might buy it, and lots of people complaining about Apple fans.