Monday, February 14, 2011

"The one lie . . . that no news organization will admit to or expose"

Mickey Kaus says something he claims you'll only hear on Bloggingheads:

"If you're into politics, it's a very good time to go off and raise a family, write a play, paint a painting, do something else for a while."

I'm convinced.


Jason (the commenter) said...

We have Democrats literally being hunted by the police, fleeing the State capital, and hiding in another state. Then fleeing again when Tea Partiers track them down and start videotaping.

Calling this a boring time for politics seems like the most ill-timed pronouncement I've heard in awhile!

Grobstein said...

If I watch the video will this argument be developed further? To me, roughly now seems like a big growth period in politics (well, better to start like two years ago, but whatever). New party in power, new presidential administrations being created, shrunken private economy partly offset by growth in federal spending, continuing hunger for new programs.

John Althouse Cohen said...

If I watch the video will this argument be developed further?


Grobstein said...

Oh, I see, a boring time to be a political journalist -- and the period he's talking about seems pretty narrow (since he classes the health care debate as interesting, and that was last year). Guess I agree, then, but not that provocative.

Journalists gonna journal'.

Grobstein said...

Okay having listened to the whole segment I think this is something people need to hear. Thanks!