Thursday, September 4, 2008

My reading list, part 3

(You can see the whole list at this link, and see the beginning of this post for the premise.)

11. What Went Wrong? - Bernard Lewis

How Islam got left behind. Fortuitously written right before September 11.

12. The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

13. God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens

I've read Sam Harris's The End of Faith and didn't find it very satisfying. I'm looking forward to these two books as a replacement. I expect them to go well together, almost like a two-volume set: the former is more about God, the latter is more about religion.

14. The Construction of Social Reality - John Searle

It's surprising how little focus there's been within analytic philosophy on explaining society -- not making prescriptions for society, but simply describing its fundamental nature. Searle gives it a shot, and makes you feel in awe of screwdrivers, restaurants, and five-dollar bills.

15. What's It All About? - Julian Baggini

The meaning of life in one short, simple book.