Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Who is your mom going to vote for?"

I've been asked that a few times.

My mom, who lives in Wisconsin, has been undecided for this whole presidential race.

If you're at all familiar with her blog, Althouse, you know she's been paying attention to the race every day and subjecting it to her famous "cruel neutrality." There's another blog that's been entirely devoted to keeping track of this since March: Monitoring the Cruel Neutrality. (For a little while there was even a blog keeping track of the blog that kept track of the cruel neutrality -- Monitoring Monitoring the Cruel Neutrality -- but that was ridiculous.)

Anyway, when she woke up yesterday morning, she decided to clarify her thoughts on who won the second presidential debate and how it might affect her vote.

And when she thought about that, she decided to give up her vow of cruel neutrality.

Oh, she still doesn't know who she's going to vote for. And she's still going to observe the race with neutrality.

But it won't be cruel neutrality anymore. It will be "slouchy neutrality," and it won't be based on a vow.

So, who won the debate for her?

She wasn't very impressed with McCain's performance.

And she wasn't very impressed with Obama's performance.

"But you see the trend, and the destination is almost inevitable."


Anonymous said...

But, how do we know Mom is telling the truth?

And, there's no way to prove, with absolute certainty, who she ends up voting for.

Anonymous said...

And, there's no way to prove, with absolute certainty, who she ends up voting for.

We need to get rid of that secret ballot, so everyone who stands against The One will be forced out into the light!