Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama does things with his voice.

1. Our President says things like "Sure you can have my number, baby," and "You ain't my bitch, nigger — buy your own damn fries!" (Excerpts from his reading of his own audiobook, Dreams My Father.)

2. That reminded me of this great story that came up in the early days of his presidential campaign. A male reporter publicly complained on his website that Obama had embarrassed him in front of a female reporter he had a crush on — first by mistaking him for a college student who didn't belong in the press corps, then by explaining it was because he had such a "baby face." Obama found out about the reporter's web post, called him up, and "apologize[d] for messing up your game." You have to listen to this audio recording of the phone conversation.

3. Did you know that you wouldn't find his speeches so inspiring if he weren't black? Or a smoker?

(Happy Presidents' Day. Presidents are just people.)


Bob said...

Gods help Obama if Howard Stern finds out about these sound clips.

Balfegor said...

Re: number 3, McWhorter's selection of the "ih" "ih" feature is somewhat strikingly inapposite. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a relaxed "ih" sound in words like "ability" or "happy" or whatever is not AAVE but the Queen's English, Upper Received Pronunciation. Or at least the parodies you hear of it ("I em heppih to hev this opportunitih . . . ")