Friday, March 27, 2009

Music Friday unplugged

Here are a few acoustic versions of songs I've blogged before:

Mika - "Grace Kelly." (Previously - MySpace - Wikipedia.)

My Brightest Diamond - "Inside a Boy." (Previously - MySpace - Wikipedia.)

Regina Spektor - "Fidelity." (Previously - MySpace - Wikipedia.)

If you play this performance back to back with the album version, you'll hear how she finesses each little piece of melody in the live version as if she were just creating the tune on the spot. She's never on autopilot.


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

My Brightest Diamond -- shows what production can do for a song.

Regina -- Ah, Regina!!

John Althouse Cohen said...

My Brightest Diamond -- yeah, but I kind of like the acoustic version better.

Regina Spektor -- I saw her in concert, and the experience wasn't as good as watching that YouTube clip. It's just perfect in every way.