Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's prime-time press conference

- President Obama says we need to take on "drug cartels that have gotten completely out of hand." As opposed to the reasonable drug cartels?

- He seemed to get an extra (uncharacteristic?) burst of enthusiasm when he said: "That whole philosophy of persistence is one that I'm going to be emphasizing in the years to come when I'm in office." (Rough quote from live broadcast.)

"This is a big ocean liner. It's not a speed boat. It doesn't turn around immediately."

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus points out that of the reporters who asked Obama a question stated a blatant falsehood: "1 in 50 children are now homeless in America." As Kaus says, "This is one of those statistical assertions that you know is BS before you even set out to show it's BS." But click here if you're interested in the details.


Zachary Sire said...

Well, if this country could grow up and act like an adult and legalize marijuana, these cartels would be marginalized, and Mexico and the US could actually have thriving economies.

John Althouse Cohen said...

Obama disagrees.