Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Imagine no 'Imagine' . . . "

My mom imagines it.

Wouldn't it be weird if they didn't play the same song for every tribute to John Lennon? This time the tribute is for his 70th birthday. And Google's simple search page is playing the predictable.

That's what John Lennon was all about, right? Soothing predictability?

Of course not. I like my mom's suggestion for a different song they could play, "Love." I also wouldn't mind if it were "Real Love." But if they want to honor him, why not pick a different song every time and not worry much about whether it's fitting? He was the irreverent type, after all. And for me, this would evoke more emotion, since I've become numb to "Imagine."


Anonymous said...

this is realy fun....