Saturday, August 27, 2011

Keep an eye on Hurricane Irene with these web cams.

Times Square

Empire State Building

Charging Bull (near Wall Street)

Chelsea Piers (begins with ad)

Somewhere in Lower Manhattan


LemmusLemmus said...

Hm, looks like not a lot yet.

Am I right in assuming you've stayed in NYC? Any special preparations?

Let's hope it doesn't amount to much!

John Althouse Cohen said...

Yeah, I've been staying in my apartment.

I spent all day and last night preparing, mainly by stocking up on food and water. I also got a radio and extra batteries for my flashlight (which I already had; I've heard it was almost impossible to buy a flashlight in Manhattan). says there's only a 19% chance of a "hurricane," though that's an increase from the earlier 3-10%. It's much more likely to be a "tropical storm."

It's almost 1 a.m. here and my power hasn't gone out. There have been reports of power outages in all other 4 boroughs of NYC, but not in Manhattan as far as this map is showing.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

On September 6, 1979, I walked to work (a literary agency) from Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village to 53rd Street and Third Avenue in midtown, against the 50+ mph winds of Hurricane David, which had been downgraded to an extratropical storm by the time, although it had caused great devastation in the Dominican Republic and eventually caused 2.5 million people to lose power on the eastern seaboard. I was walking fast to get to the crucial meeting with my agent/colleague and a publisher to negotiate the sale of my first novel. I was about an hour late for work, and my agent was fuming around the office, vowing that if I didn't show up for the meeting he would never represent me again. I did show up, and the publisher bought the book.