Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tonight's Republican presidential debate

I won't be able to live-blog tonight's debate. I'll update this post if I have anything to say when I watch the debate later.

I recommend checking TalkingPointsMemo, National Review, and Althouse (my mom) for live-blogging.

You should be able to watch the debate live online, starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, on ABC News.


Jason (the commenter) said...

Well, sorry you missed it. It was intense.

Jason (the commenter) said...
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Jason (the commenter) said...

I'm a Newt partisan so I'll point out what I found troubling about Romney:

1. "I've spent my life in the private sector." Romney started the debate with a lie. Newt used that line later to make jokes at Romney's expense. They went over well.

2. He was orange. Who did his make-up? Several people on my twitter feed called him an Oompa Loompa.

3. "Newt Romney". Bachmann was trying to say they were the same person but it sounded like a Presidential/Vice Presidential line-up. Got me thinking about what a great Vice President Romney would make. Especially when you saw the two of them standing together fending off attacks from all sides.

4. Romney admitted he would have been a career politician if he could have.

5. Ten thousand dollar bet. That's a lot of money for most people, and a poor choice of words. He could have said "a billion" and people would have known it was rhetorical, but he didn't.

6. Cheap shots. Romney was pressed to criticize Newt and he could have said something substantial, instead he mentioned moon bases and child labor laws. This allowed Newt to be as negative as he wanted afterwards. (Also, he seemed to have pretty good responses to both those issues.)

7. He was fidgety, especially when he had any interaction with Newt. Romney is trying to sell himself as the most Presidential and prudent yet he was spazzing out during the debate and saying imprudent things.

8. He claimed his recent ads depicting his family were in response to Obama and had absolutely nothing to do with Newt's past infidelity. Please!

Jason (the commenter) said...

What I found troubling about Newt:

1. He would open his answers with low blows or quips. They generally didn't go over well and it's lucky for him he could be more substantive with the rest of his answer.

2. Saying he was never a lobbyist. I doubt it.

3. Talking about being a small-business person. He went on about it too much. I hope this doesn't become his "my life in the private sector".

Jason (the commenter) said...

Other observations:

Perry had his best debate performance yet.

Bachmann suddenly loves Cain. She quoted "9 9 9" several times, saying she will replace it with "win win win" and copy Cain's style. She's clearly after his supporters, but I liked Cain and I remember her savaging him in earlier debates. I have one question for Bachmann: What's "win win win" upside down?

Newt did an excellent job of sucking up to Iowa's governor and was respectful towards Ron Paul (even after all those attack ads of his). He also said nice things about both Santorum and Perry.