Thursday, October 22, 2015

I just saw the whole Back to the Future trilogy in the theater.

Well, that was fun. The Back to the Future movies are probably better enjoyed one at a time than back to back, but they still held my attention tonight for all 3 movies, each almost 2 hours long. I never once felt like leaving and finishing the rest some other time by watching the DVDs I have at home. It was the most enthusiastic movie audience I've ever been part of — people applauded and hooted not only during various climactic moments, but also when the time machine and Doc first appeared, the first time one of the characters said the words "back to the future," and when Doc said "October 21, 2015!"

At one point, Back to the Future Part III stopped in the middle (at Bow Tie Cinemas — Chelsea in NYC, which I don't plan to return to). The screen went black for a while. Audience members called out things like: "You've disrupted the space-time continuum!" "Not enough jigowatts!"