Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slightly poignant search terms that have led people to this blog

StatCounter keeps track of the words people have been searching for when they happened upon this blog. (So did SiteMeter, before I stopped using it.)

Every once in a while, they'll give you a glimpse of some random stranger's mind.

Here are some of the ones where, for one reason or other, the idea of someone sitting around trying to find whatever they're looking for with these words strikes me as vaguely touching:

i want to break a gender norm
uncaring husbands overwork wives
ways to lessen hatred towards gender
people who break rules, violate norms, or fail to meet the expectations of others
jazz is dead
extremely skinny
statistics on use of word nigger
attractive round faces
father and daughter talk
how to write a thank you letter to a previous employer for firing you
i want to stop thinking the worst outcome will happen


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

That's a found poem.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thought!