Friday, January 9, 2009

I've become obsessed with MGMT's "Kids"

If each week of one's life had a soundtrack, the song "Kids" by the band MGMT would be mine this week.

There's not much original about it. And it's so simple -- even minimalistic -- that you can easily imagine the band writing and arranging the whole thing from scratch in an afternoon without even trying too hard.

But it's one of those songs that feels (to me, at least) like a living, breathing creature on the prowl.

By the way, they are called MGMT even though the text at the beginning of the video calls them "The Management." The predictable backstory:

VanWyngarden says he and Goldwasser, who are both 25, initially called themselves the Management "as a jokey, corporate-sounding thing." But just as they were about to release a digital-only EP, the friends discovered that, to their chagrin, another outfit was already using the Management moniker.