Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another My Dinner with Andre post

Since I brought up My Dinner with Andre in yesterday's post, I should point out that I completely agree with this reviewer:

This is my favorite movie of all time. Period. You can sit in on the most interesting conversation ever and I've done it many times, every time finding myself thinking of different things, contemplating my own life and wondering about how crazy Andre actually is and how seriously to take his ideas about how human life came to an end a few decades ago, leaving us all robots in search of some twinge of real feeling.
And this one:
Someone asked me the other day if I could name a movie that was entirely devoid of cliches. I thought for a moment, and then answered, "My Dinner With Andre." ... I am impressed once more by how wonderfully odd this movie is, how there is nothing else like it. It should be unwatchable, and yet those who love it return time and again, enchanted.
The first quote is from my mom's Amazon review; the second is from Roger Ebert's review.

My mom's review also complained about the shockingly poor quality of the DVD transfer. ("There needs to be a new edition of this great movie, and those of us who bought this sham of a version should be allowed to trade it in.") That was in 1999. Not only hasn't there been a reissue, but even the bad DVD is now out of print. A sad commentary.

We're still waiting for the good DVD to come out!