Friday, January 16, 2009

Robert Wright asks himself: how did we get here?

And what do we need to do to continue the world's upward moral trajectory instead of plunging into the slightly less preferable "death spiral of negativity"?

Here's an 18-minute answer by Bob Wright (the author / journalist / diavlogger known for popularizing evolutionary psychology):

You know, Bob Wright -- whom I've blogged numerous times -- reminds me of another comically dead-serious man.

He's already been compared to Buster Keaton. But no, there's someone else.

It's not just the deadpan humor.

It's also the "everyman" who's simultaneously delighted and disconcerted by that role.

And it's the wry, self-conscious astonishment at the modern world.

If you still haven't guessed: one of them founded a website called Bloggingheads, the other founded a band called...


Ann Althouse said...

Wow, David Byrne is so skinny! And don't you think his weird nerd routine would seem completely different and way less cool if he weren't?

Outis said...

Which reminds me that Byrne has a blog. His blog posts are anything BUT skinny.

reader_iam said...

Outis beat me to it. (Wonder if he discovered it via me linking it, back in the day.)

I'm fans of both. Love that kind of quirkiness; always have.